Welcome Speech

Ladies and Gentlemen ,visitors of the Website of The Syrian Company for Oil Transport:
I feel pleased to welcome you to The E.W of the Syrian Company Oil Transport and hope that it satisfies your requirements of the useful information about the company and the services afforded to homeland.
I hope that it achieves benefits to the dealers with our company inside and outside the Syrian Arab Republic . Through the website one can communicate with administration and inquire about any information or submit innovative suggestions or any complain . Response shall be initiated within a specified period of time to increase interaction and achieve credibility ,trust and satisfaction .

General Manager of Syrian Company for Oil Transport

Company Moderates

Directorate of Engineering

Directorate of Operations

Directorate of Planning and International Cooperation

General Dircetorate

Directorate of Transport and Warehouses

Human Resource Directorate

Directorate of Finance

Directorate of Accounting

Directorate of contracts and procurement

Directorate of Administrative and Legal Affairs

Heavy Oil Transport Directorate - Homs

Directorate of Internal Control

Photo Gallery

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    Banias-Administration building

  • slide2

    Banias-Oil Pumps

  • slide3

    Banias-Main pumping station

  • slide4

    Banias-Transformer station 66 kv

  • slide 11

    Banias Terminal

  • slide 5

    Homs Station

  • slide 6

    Homs-Pull and Discharge Valves

  • slide 8

    Homs-Pumping kits to Homs Refinary

  • slide 7

    Homs-Pumping kits

  • slide 9

    Tartus-Tartus Terminal Tanks

  • slide 10

    Tartus Terminal - Tishreen launch

  • slide 13

    T3 - Control System

  • slide 12

    T4-Oil pumps

  • slide 15

    al-Hasakah - Tal Abead

  • slide 16

    Tal Adas - Heavy Oil - Receiving counters

Weather Forecast

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